Research Topics

Structure-Function Brain Network Analysis

Concept of functional connectivity The recent perspective on the brain can be best described by the term ‘brain connectome’, which describes the brain as a large complex network of neurons linked by local and inter-regional connections. Accordingly, a number of neuroimaging studies have investigated the anatomical and functional connectivity of the brain. Anatomical brain connectivity can be researched using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which enables us to explore axonal fiber distributions in the brain.

Multimodal Neuroimaging Methods



Fiber bundles and cortical parcellation Brain research can be characterized as both multi-scale and multi-modal, in that it covers behavioral, functional, structural, and biomolecular information. The recent advancement of neuroimaging techniques has greatly influenced the current field of brain research. Among numerous imaging methods, structural data analysis using high resolution MRI has advanced to provide accurate information on volume, shape and cortical thickness of gray matter in an automated fashion.

Reading Mind using Real-time fMRI and Brain Decoding

Reading the process of intention in other's brain The brain decoding using fMRI infers mental states associated with BOLD signal changes. This association is a converse operation to the traditional inference, i.e., depiction of brain activations elicited by stimuli. Although the fMRI-based brain decoding approach has recently received growing attention, the brain decoding itself is not a new concept. Numerous studies were performed to read one’s mind noninvasively by measuring brain activities, using mostly electroencephalogram (EEG).

Communicative, Motivative and Aesthetic brains

Language area For the past few years, neuroscientific approach to topics in traditional humanities and social sciences has been rapidly developing. This can mainly be contributed to the development in measurement technology such as fMRI and MEG and analytical methods.

Medical Image Analysis


(image processing, registration, and segmentation for surgical planning and medical diagnosis)

Epilepsy surgical planningThe image processing analysis technology for extracting information from measured medical image is increasing in importance recently. Our laboratory is developing brain image processing and analysis technologies for various medical applications.